foto by Thomas Kiessling


with the ladies string quartet LA FINESSE I have a special collaboration. I play bass for them live and in the studio and I'm acting as co-producer. In my OLYMP STUDIO GREUSSENHEIM we recorded some really wonderful pieces of music, very open minded in the kind of classical-pop-film-music-crossover.

Also we have a set together, in which I work as a DJ, doing my own remixes fitted in a classical-crossover-dance style and of course  together we're performing this live on stage, too.

> LA FINESSE website

> EPIC MEDLEY video from "grenzenlos"(2020)

> LA FINESSE & DJ video trailer

B A F 

a solid old school rock band, fully live & handmade with real musician competencies:

Al Kreuzer - guitar & leadvox

Steff Porzel - drums & leadvox

Jochen Schmidt - drums & backvox

Udo Schwendler - brass, keyboards & backvox

Jake Zenger - keyboards, backvox

Samy Saemann - bass & leadvox

Reinhard Hüttinger - sound & booking


> live concert video

> live with orchestra video